Finally: Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Center Now Allows You to Book One-Way Rental Cars

You know how something seemingly simple can bother you to no end. This was that simple thing. For the longest time you could not use your Chase Ultimate rewards to book a rental car one-way. I think I might book a one-way rental for therapeutic […]

Only Have 10,000 United Miles? Here are Some Award Flights For You

I know how depressing it can be when you are ready to redeem your miles only to find out you don’t have enough. Well if you are short on United miles and don’t have Chase Ultimate Rewards to send over, here are some ways to […]

British Airways Award Sale – Half Off Economy Flights When Redeeming Avios

Do you have some British Airways Avios collecting dust? This half-off sale may be a good reason to bring those Avios out of retirement!   Half the points Keep in mind, only the points (Avios) needed for redemption are priced in half. British Airways is […]


Five Ways You Know You are a Miles and Points Addict

Sometimes you need to take a step back to realize just how crazy you’ve become. It may have started after your first credit card bonus, your first error-fare booking, or the first time you flew business class for free. Whatever caused you to go off […]


Best Month on eBay EVER + How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Reselling for Points & Cash

What a crazy July! I’ve never sold such a variety of products, like I tell everyone, I am agnostic when it comes to what I sell. The fact that I cleared over $3,000 in profit by selling 76 items should tell you this can be […]

Traveling Once a Month Has Helped Us Save Even More Money

It’s a an odd scenario to explain to people, traveling actually saves us money. Not only does it save us money, but the life experiences and relationship strengthening we gain is priceless. You save money by taking more trips, huh? Now, before your head starts […]


Here are the Results of My Latest Batch of New Credit Cards – 120,000 Points/Miles – Churn

It’s been a while, I haven’t signed up for a new credit card in about seven¬†– whole – weeks. What better time than the present? I signed up for nice¬†batch of credit cards in April, you can read about the results here. In my latest […]


New Nonstop Route from The Bay Area to Rome, Italy – Starting at $189 One-Way

If there is one thing I appreciate in the travel world, its competition. When new airlines and new routes are launched, it usually opens up a price war which is great for you and me.   Rome – The Eternal City We had the pleasure […]


Here’s My Favorite Website For Budgeting, Transportation, and Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

There is a good chance you know what to expect when traveling to London or Paris. If not, you can ask your neighbor or coworker, they’ve likely been. But where do you turn when you are planning travel to less popular destinations like Sri Lanka […]

These are the Best Award Options to get to Europe Using Points (under 30k one-way)

There are very few people I run into who don’t aspire to travel to Europe at some point. And who can blame them, there is so much amazing culture, sights, and food to be experienced. Unless you can find a smoking deal or an error fare, […]