Highest Offer Ever – Barclay JetBlue Plus Credit Card – 60,000 Points After Spending $1,000

This is something to get excited about, Barclay just doubled the current JetBlue sign up offer to 60,000 points! Here is a route map of JetBlue for your reference.   The offer In order to receive the 60,000 bonus points you must spend $1,000 in […]

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K Welcome Kit Arrived in Mail – Status Matched from Southwest

In April, I wrote about a great opportunity to status match from Southwest Companion Pass to Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k. Alyssa and I “trade-off” Companion Pass duties so it was her turn to match to MVP Gold 75k. Why is this such a great opportunity? […]

This is By-Far The Easiest 10,000 Miles I’ve Ever Earned! Getting Matched

If you’ve followed any “miles” blogs in the last few years you may have noticed a trend. That trend is ‘miles are getting harder to earn’. It’s only natural for airlines/hotels/banks to cut back as more people wise-up to this lucrative game.   It’s getting […]


Use Southwest Companion Pass Match to Get Instant Status With Alaska [Upgrade to First Class]

Calling all Companion Pass holders! As if Companion Pass isn’t sweet enough, you can also get amazing perks with airlines other than Southwest!   What’s our status? Airline status is getting harder to obtain through conventional flying for most. When you think of “earning miles”, […]

If You Have Points With Either of These Two Airlines, They Just Became More Valuable Overnight

This almost never happens, but with a week until Christmas, I shall count my blessings. If you have a bank of Alaska or Virgin miles, both became more valuable overnight, depending on how you plan to redeem them. Back-tracking for a second, Alaska Airlines is acquiring and […]

Awesome Opportunity to Earn JetBlue Points – Match Your Virgin Elevate Account Balance

It’s not often that an airline will match your point balance from a different airline. In fact, I can’t remember the last time this occurred, I really hope other airlines follow suit!   As you probably know by now, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are teaming up to make […]