American Airlines 737

Finding Good in the Updates to the American Airlines Award Chart

The only certainties in life are death, taxes, and award chart changes. American Airlines is making sure to keep up their end of that bargain. The new award chart changes, taking affect March 22nd, have some new sweet spots. Being that you can still sign […]

Chase Sapphire and Freedom Promo Bonus – 55k or $175

Is it that time again, time for a new card? If you have been holding off on signing up for a Chase credit card, now would be a very good time to move forward. Chase stepped up the offer on two of their most popular […]

My Wife and I Flew to Europe for a Grand Total of $16 – Trip Details

Most of the people I talk to about our Europe trip don’t believe how little it cost us. For both of our round-trips, including all taxes and fees, it cost us only $16 grand-total.     How is possible to fly for so cheap? My […]

Southwest Airlines, Double Points Offer for the Next Two Months

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you will know that I harp on subscribing to offers from every travel company out there. Airlines, hotels, and rental car companies send exclusive offers to their loyal customers who subscribe, so why not […]

Use Status Matcher to Attain Status with Other Airlines and Hotels

Status is everything when you are traveling. If you like free upgrades and VIP treatment, read on!     If you are a casual traveler you may not be aware of all the status programs and levels that exist with airlines, hotels, and rental car […]