New Airline Routes for 2017 – Southwest to Mexico + Las Vegas to Middle East

2017 is shaping up to be a great year for travelers. More routes means more competition. Additional competition means we should start seeing cheaper prices on said route. Here are some of the new routes that I found interesting: Southwest Airlines (Starting June 4th) — Minneapolis/St. […]

mexico - miles to the max

The Complete Guide to Using Points to Travel to Mexico Beach Destinations

Mexico is one of the most popular vacation destinations for US travelers. Mexico is beautiful, usually 3-4 hours away, and is known for having affordable hotels. That is all great, but how do I get to Mexico using airline points? That is the big question. […]

Save Money on Flights in Mexico by Departing From Tijuana

CBX has opened a very convenient walkway from Otay Mesa, CA directly to the Tijuana Airport. This makes it easy to hop (well, walk) right over to the Tijuana Airport where you can fly to many Mexican destinations. Why should you care about a walkway? […]