Traveling Once a Month Has Helped Us Save Even More Money

It’s a an odd scenario to explain to people, traveling actually saves us money. Not only does it save us money, but the life experiences and relationship strengthening we gain is priceless. You save money by taking more trips, huh? Now, before your head starts […]

Is It Okay To Ask Someone To Switch Seats On An Airplane?

That may seem like a stupid and obvious question to ask. Of course it’s okay to ask someone to switch seats, we are all decent people. I thought the same thing until it happened to me.   It’s too early for this We were booked on […]


Could This Be The Best Redemption of 25,000 Alaska Airlines Miles? 15 Hours of Lie-Flat Business Class Suites

Ask any travel and points-guru and they’ll tell you how much they love their Alaska Airlines miles. Not only can you redeem your Alaska miles to book award flights on some of the highest-rated airlines in the world, their routing and stopover rules are excellent. […]

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K Welcome Kit Arrived in Mail – Status Matched from Southwest

In April, I wrote about a great opportunity to status match from Southwest Companion Pass to Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75k. Alyssa and I “trade-off” Companion Pass duties so it was her turn to match to MVP Gold 75k. Why is this such a great opportunity? […]


You May Now be Better Off Flying Spirit or Frontier Rather than United Airlines – Low Class

That’s not a headline you want to read as a United frequent flyer, but sadly it may be true. The folks with the “Friendly Skies” snapped their fingers today blessing us all with Basic Economy.   What is Basic Economy? You thought economy class was […]


Here’s My Favorite Website For Budgeting, Transportation, and Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

There is a good chance you know what to expect when traveling to London or Paris. If not, you can ask your neighbor or coworker, they’ve likely been. But where do you turn when you are planning travel to less popular destinations like Sri Lanka […]

Here is What to Do When You Can’t Find American Airlines Award Space

If there is one thing I stress to people searching for award space it is this: “Don’t take no for an answer” You have American miles, you check for award space, they don’t show any, so you’re screwed – right? Wrong! For some reason, […]

A New Option for Using 25,000 Miles To Fly One-Way to Europe (including the Greek islands) – Alaska & Condor

Interesting timing, I just blogged about my favorite ways of getting to Europe using less than 30,000 points one-way. I am happy to report that Alaska Airlines and Condor have just teamed up giving us another option! You can now fly from the US to […]

Does it Feel Like Award Flights are Getting More and More Expensive? – Award Availability

I am going to cut right to it, award availability is out of control. I have never seen the airlines jack-up award costs across so many months with such frequency. If you are just getting in the points-game some of these terms may sound foreign. […]

How To Post Travel Pictures on Social Media Without Making Others Feel Uncomfortable

Life is all about moderation and balance, but you only live once. I mean, what is the point of social media if not to upload your pictures, right? There is a little-known “term” that your grandmother would not be familiar with, #HumbleBrag. According to Urban […]