I Sold Three iPhone X’s for 20% Over MSRP – What I Would Do Different Next Time

Even if you don’t care about selling electronics at a markup, you’ve probably heard the hype about the iPhone X. On launch day I stayed up late and snagged three of these bad-boys.   A lot of hype Unfortunately the iPhone X was a bit […]


How I Earned Over 30,000 Miles By Purchasing 15 Backpacks for Resell

Name me one major credit card issuer that has not tightened the rules for credit card churners in the last two years… I’ll save you the legwork and tell you that almost every major bank has cracked-down on opportunists like myself. What does that mean […]


Best Month on eBay EVER + How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Reselling for Points & Cash

What a crazy July! I’ve never sold such a variety of products, like I tell everyone, I am agnostic when it comes to what I sell. The fact that I cleared over $3,000 in profit by selling 76 items should tell you this can be […]

Reselling Recap – June 2017 – Earning BIG Miles and Money For Free Travel

I’ve committed to posting a monthly recap of my reselling on eBay. Things have been a little busy but I can always make time to give tips and pointers for those just starting out. 🙂 For the folks just getting rolling, reselling is simply buying […]

May Monthly eBay Recap – How I Completed $10,000 in Minimum Spend and Made over $1,000

I had a very busy May when it came to my reselling. eBay is my preferred outlet for meeting large minimum spend requirements. As with most travel credit card sign-up bonuses, you are required to spend a hefty amount of cash within 90~ days. Sadly, this […]


Getting Creative to Sell Items on eBay – Earn Points PLUS Cash in Your Free Time – Raise

Signing up for new credit cards to earn points is just one of the many way to travel for “free”. Some of the large blogs have little interest in paying their writers to blog about alternate ways you can earn money and points outside of […]


Reselling Recap – January 2017 – Plus Tips on How You Can Earn Big Points with Gift Cards

2016 was a great year, I had a lot of fun and traveled to a bunch of new places. December ‘reselling’ ended on a very high note for me.  Traveling for next-to-free is made available by reselling, I hope I encourage you to start reselling […]


How I Made Almost 20,000 Alaska Miles from One Online Transaction – Enough for First Class

I think that post title is pretty clear-cut. I made one LARGE purchase on Groupon and scored close to 20,000 Alaska miles, enough for a one-way first class flight from Coast to Coast.   The Monitor You can find the best shopping portal rates on […]


Your Guide to Cash-Back Portals and Points Portals – Free Travel For Shopping

It is hard to equate spending money with free travel, but it is actually possible. Shopping portals are an easy way to collect extra miles when shopping online. If you are new to earning cash and points while making purchases online, this post is for […]