New Plastiq Users Can Receive $500 Fee Free Dollars to Pay Bills and Meet Your Credit Card Minimum Spend

As you know by now, the quickest and most lucrative way to earn travel points is with a large credit card sign-up bonus. Banks know that it is easy, so they throw a wrench at us. Hello, Plastiq! In order to receive the points, you […]

My eBay Reselling Q1 Results – And Why You Should Join the Fun – Manufactured Spend

You may be asking yourself, what does eBay have to do with traveling for next-to-free. Well, I can’t blame you as the connection is not obvious at first. Oh yea, that stock featured image is not my hand. Reselling goods on eBay allows you to […]


Last Minute – Multiple Stores Earn You 15x Miles at Alaska Airlines

There are only a few hours left but a great opportunity nonetheless. You will earn 15 Alaska MileagePlan miles PER dollar spent at a number of stores. If you are in need of a top-off, this will be an easy way to give you a […]

An Easy Way to Meet Your Minimum Spend + Make an Instant $20

I just signed up for three new credit cards in the last 30 days with a total of $7,000 minimum spend required. This deal would have been a huge benefit while I was working on that hitting that spend, oh well. Fortunately for you, if […]


Buy Gift Cards and Earn 5x Points + United Adds a Basic Economy to Rival Budget Airlines

Our good friends over at United Airlines thought it would be a good idea to make economy even worse. Didn’t think it was possible? Think again. United announced the launch of Basic Economy, set to roll out early 2017. Basic economy strips you of the […]


You Can Use RadPad and Android Pay to Pay Your Rent With a Credit Card – No Fees Through 2016

Update*** Deal is dead as of 8/24. More information can be found here. Also, you can pay your rent, mortgage, car payment, student loans etc using According to the DoC, RadPad launched an updated app for Android phones to pay their rent fee-free through […]

How Gift Cards Can Help You Meet Your Minimum Spend

Being forced to spend a couple thousand dollars in 90 days is not only difficult for some, it can be down-right scary. If you want to earn big sign-up bonuses for free travel it requires that you spend some money. The credit card companies are […]

How I Made $600 and Earned 19,000 Points Without Signing Up For a New Credit Card – Reselling

For you super savvy travel hackers, this one may be a little boring. I am going to discuss my first big swing at ‘reselling’. Reselling is a rather simple concept, you buy items and sell them on eBay or Amazon for a profit. Earning points […]

Get Instant Cash for Your Christmas Gift Cards – CardPool

Everyone loves to receive gift cards for Christmas, well almost everyone. Some people love cold-hard cash. Fortunately for the cash lovers, there is a website called CardPool that makes this process super easy. This site will help you off your gift cards for up to […]