This is What it Was Like Purchasing a Home with Over 20 Credit Cards

The question I’d always hear, “Caleb, what is going to happen when you go to buy a home”? Fortunately for those who’ve asked, I have the answer. (my experience, yours may vary*) You have how many credit cards? For most, the thought of having 20 […]

This is By-Far The Easiest 10,000 Miles I’ve Ever Earned! Getting Matched

If you’ve followed any “miles” blogs in the last few years you may have noticed a trend. That trend is ‘miles are getting harder to earn’. It’s only natural for airlines/hotels/banks to cut back as more people wise-up to this lucrative game.   It’s getting […]


Comenity Bank Decided to Approve Me then Later Deny Me – Not Cool!

I don’t know if Comenity Bank and United are in-bed with one another, but both seem to giveth and taketh away. Here’s the story:   Approved, then denied, in that order Last week I applied and was instantly approved for the Virgin America Visa Signature […]


This Mistake Nearly Cost Me 50,000 American Airline Points – Minimum Spend

I think any good miles blog should have its fair share of what-not-to-do’s. This particular not-to-do really scared the crap out of me. As you probably know, most credit card bonuses require that you spend $X.XX amount within 90-120 days. Notice the keyword there, “spend”. […]


This May Be The Most Unusual Way To Waive an Annual Fee

It seems that most stories like this one, involve Citi Bank. I am not 100% sure why but I have my feelings. In the middle of November the annual fee posted for my Citi AA Platinum card, $95. I am not one to pay annual […]


Credit Card Management 101 – What You Need to Know Before You Get Your First Credit Card

Credit Cards can be one of the best or worst things for your credit report. The outcome ultimately depends on how you manage your cards, and yes, there is a wrong and right way to do things.   The most important thing to be aware […]

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Does Signing Up For Multiple Credit Cards Hurt My Chance of Buying a Car?

If you have hit the credit card applications hard, good for you! There is no reason not to leverage your good credit to earn free travel. But what happens when it comes time to make a big purchase like a new vehicle? I have signed up […]


If I Cancel My Credit Card Will I Lose The Points?

It’s that fun time, time to call the credit card company and tell them you want to cancel. That is five minutes of your life you will never get back, but you don’t want to pay the annual fee. Your talking to the phone rep […]