Does it Make Sense to Buy Hyatt Points at a Heavy Discount?

Daily Getaways is similar to Groupon, the only difference is that Daily Getaways is strictly focused on travel. They offer one main deal per day with limited quantities, typically available at 1pm EST. (don’t be late)

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What are the Hyatt points deals?
This Friday, the 29th, there will be four variations of points package deals that you can purchase from Daily Getaways. The most expensive deal package is priced at $775. Now that probably sounds steep, and it is, but you will receive 72,000 Hyatt points worth over $1,000 in redemption.


What can I do with 72,000 Hyatt points?
Free nights at Hyatt properties range from 5,000, 8,000, 12,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, or categories 1-7, respectively. If you stayed at a category three property for 12k points per night, you would have enough points for 6 nights. So, is it worth $775 for 6 nights in a cat. 3 Hyatt hotel? I would say yes, let’s look at an example. You can view all Hyatt properties broken out by their categories, here.

You could in theory stay at a category 1 property for 14 nights using a total of 70,000 points! That would break down to $55 per night if you bought the package for $775.


Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa, CA
Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa, CA – Category 3 for 12,000 points per night


Standard rate is $200 per night in May
Standard rate is $200 per night in May



As you can see, this Hyatt in Santa Rosa, Ca will run you $200 per night, plus tax, when paying cash. Keep in mind that you do not pay taxes when redeeming free nights with points, for simplicity I will keep taxes out of the calculation. If you stayed at The Hyatt Santa Rosa for six nights it would cost you $1,200 cash. If you were to redeem all your 72,000 points for six free nights, you would only be paying $775. You are saving $425 or 35% savings by purchasing points from Daily Getaways.


What point packages are they selling this Friday the 29th?
• 24,000 points for $260, or 1.08 cents per point
• 30,000 points for $330, or 1.10 cents per point
• 40,000 points for $415, or 1.04 cents per point
• 72,000 points for $775, or 1.08 cents per point



Your best value (1.04 cents per point) is actually with the package for $415 offering 40,000 points. You can stay at the Park Hyatt in Washington D.C. for 20,000 points per night, so two ‘free’ nights for the $415 package. Compare that to the standard rate of $500 + per night if you are paying cash. Two nights paying cash at the Park Hyatt in D.C would easily cost you over $1,000 with taxes, you would pay only $415 to buy the points in bulk from Daily Getaways!



King room at the Park Hyatt Washington D.C
Park King Deluxe room at the Park Hyatt Washington D.C


20,000 points per night when redeeming awards
20,000 points per night when redeeming awards



$599 per night in May
$599 per night in May (plus tax)



Check your redemption options and make sure you are by your computer promptly at 1PM EST on 4/29 as these will go quick and are in limited quantity. Keep in mind, Hyatt points are generally valued at about 2 cents a piece so this is almost 50% off by buying them in bulk. Good luck!