My First Blog Post in the Miles World

Welcome to MilesToTheMax blog, my name is Caleb from Phx, AZ, I am going to be providing advice and pointers on how to travel for next-to-free.

Just this year alone I have used awards and miles to cover roughly $2,500 in flights and hotels. I am eager to share information on how anyone (with good to excellent credit) can travel to their dream destinations for almost free.

I want to be a resource for any questions you have related to saving on travel and optimizing your good credit. Stay tuned for more to come!

  • Maria

    I can’t wait for help Caleb I need to book frights for Kauai in December / no room needed we have our timeshare and Vegas in October need a room

    • Hi Maria,

      Do you have strict dates in December or are you flexible, if you are flexible what week would you be aiming for? Are you okay with layovers?

  • Tiffany

    This is great information!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I always think I can’t travel anywhere because of airfare. This may be a game changer!