first class

A First Class Flight may be Cheaper than You Think

I’ll admit it, I get a little jealous walking through the first class cabin on the way to my cramped economy seat. Fortunately, if you’ve wanted to experience the roomy first class, you can do so for relatively cheap this winter. Aside from a larger seat, first class passengers typically […]

last minute

How to Save Money when Booking Last Minute Flights

Whatever your reason for booking a last-minute flight, you can bet it won’t be cheap. Airlines sure know how to stick-it-to-you when you need a quick ticket. According to CheapAir, booking a flight within 14 days of departure will run you an extra $111 on average, compared to flights booked […]


What will Happen if I get to The Airport with No Identification Card?

Featured image courtesy of Jason Lander     It is your biggest fear, you get to the TSA checkpoint desk and your driver’s license is nowhere to be found. You’re probably wondering, will they allow you through or send you packing? The good news is that, at least in the […]


This one Credit Card will get You a Free Round-Trip to Tokyo – No Joke

Featured image courtesy of Moyan Brenn   I recently outlined Delta’s latest offering on the Gold card, here. I discussed how you can leverage the sign up bonus to receive up to FIVE domestic round-trips. That is a lot of travel for a single credit card. Now, are you are ready to […]


If You don’t Resell on eBay, Here is What You are Missing

Look, credit card sign-up bonuses are tightening up. My sad prediction is that most serious travel hackers will only qualify for 3-5 travel credit card bonuses per year, moving forward. Last year I signed up for 12 new credit cards earning over 250,000 points across various programs. It is not […]


One-way Hertz Rental Car Deal – East Coast to Florida and Georgia – $9.99 per day

Hertz is running a fall/winter promotion on the East Coast. If you are interested in taking a one-way rental car down to Georgia or Florida, this is a great deal. Typically, rental car agencies charge hefty fees, called flag drops, if you don’t return your vehicle to the same place […]


Travel News Recap – SPG Merger – eBay Gift Cards – AA UI Change

Booo. Easily the biggest (and saddest) news this week, Marriott and Starwood-SPG merger is to be completed this week. Announced in November of 2015, we have dreaded this moment for what seems like an eternity. Starwood points are some of (if not) the most valuable “point” currency in the business. […]


Full Review – Flight from Europe to West Coast for less than $200 one-way

When you hear of a sub-$200 one-way flight to/from Europe on a budget airline, what comes to mind? luxury? Bus ticket? That seems way too cheap? Regardless of what is running through your head, rest assured, everything checks-out. We flew Norwegian Airlines last week from Copenhagen to Los Angeles on […]